Revenue Based Financing

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A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors (“RBI”) are emerging.

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What's the general criteria for RBF?
- At least 6  months of customer history
- B2B SaaS or tech-enabled services with proven, recurring contracts
- Capital need of up to $1.5M over next 12 months
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What's the general benefit?
- No board seats or personal guarantees
- Ability to scale payments to provide initial cash flow relief
- Non-dilutive, flexible offerings that fit SMB or enterprise SaaS
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Clearbanc - Affordable Growth Capital for online brands


Building a business is hard — ideas, early customers, first employees are all huge challenges.

But finding the right funding option to fuel growth is even harder. It takes a long time, is full of risk, and is emotionally taxing on a founder.

There are an overwhelming amount of options for capital out there, but all come with a cost.

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Lighter Capital - Grow faster, stay lighter


At Lighter Capital, we don’t take equity or ask you to make personal guarantees.

And we don’t take a seat on your board or make you write a big check if you’re having a down month.

It’s your company. We’re here to help accelerate your growth—on your terms.

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Corl - provides fast, fair, and flexible financing with revenue sharing.


Our revenue sharing financing provides businesses with $10,000 to $1,000,000 in growth capital for a small % of their monthly revenue. No fixed terms. No minimum payments.

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