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Customized experience. Preconfigure your offerboard based on your unique funding goals.


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Plugins designed to augment every stage of the funding-cycle.

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Choose from a collection of plugins to help you optimize & reach funding goals.

One dashboard. Many options. Never miss an opportunity with realtime offers from top tier capital partners.


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Plutus - v1.0.0

Introducing "Plutus"- the algorithm that powers the platform's   matching and recommendation engine. 

Congrats! 🎉You received a $20,000 Pre-Approval

Congrats! 🎉You received a $20,000 Pre-Approval

Congrats! 🎉You received a $10,000 Pre-Approval

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Simply integrate and receive insights on key metrics, smart analysis, and offers from our trusted capital providers in real-time.

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