About Us

Dedicated to digital native businesses.

Our Goal

Internet businesses are growing faster than the rest of the economy. With plenty of room for growth as it accounts for only 3 percent of global commerce.

We aim to become the dedicated capital provider for digitally native businesses, by connecting our customers to capital through code.

“We abstract away all of the complexity of financing your business, and replace it with a few lines of code.”
Bobby — CEO & President of Birch Global Group
Meet the Team


Bobby Gilbert
Bobby is the President and Founder of Birch Global Group, focused on investor relations.​Before founding Birch Global Group, Bobby began his entrepreneurial career focused on software, internet services, and mobile technologies.  

He oversaw a variety of roles across strategy, analytics, partnerships, and corporate development, as co-founder of two consumer-focused startups.
John Graves
John joined Birch Global as lead analyst and managing partner at the firm’s inception. He is responsible for Birch Global Group’s business development, research, and fundraising initiatives.

Before joining Birch, John was involved in entrepreneurship, first founding the domestic nonprofit Players for Life, Inc. and then serving as business development manager for the US branch of international software development startup, Fudos North America.
Trey Taylor
Lead Developer
Trey is the lead developer of Birch Global Group, focusing on the development of the Dinote platform and associated technologies.​

Before joining Birch, Trey was involved in freelance software development and algorithmic trading on the Quantopian platform. He has overseen the development of projects handling 5,000+ concurrent users while managing budgets for development costs and advertising.
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