About us

Get quick access to capital using the collateral of the future.

Our Goal

Internet businesses are growing faster than the rest of the economy. With plenty of room for growth as it accounts for only 3 percent of global commerce.

We aim to stimulate growth of digitally native businesses, by providing value at every stage of the funding cycle.

Meet the team


Bobby is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dinote. ​Before founding Dinote, Bobby began his entrepreneurial career focused on software, internet services, and mobile technologies.  He oversaw a variety of roles across strategy, analytics, partnerships, and corporate development, as co-founder of two consumer-focused startups.​

Senior Engineer

Parker is the lead software engineer of Dinote, focusing on the development of the Dinote platform and associated technologies.

Business Development

John joined Dinote as lead analyst at the firm’s inception. He is responsible for Dinote's business development, and research initiatives.

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