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Get quick access to capital using the collateral of the future.

Our Mission

To bring seamless capital access to entrepreneurs in the digital economy.

Our Vision

Become the dedicated marketplace for tech-enabled businesses seeking non-dilutive capital.

Our Why

Not every tech business is a good fit for venture capital, but alternatives can be highly fragmented.

- Filling out loan applications was time-consuming 
- Tapping into personal credit isn't good practice 
- Crowdfunding isn't optimal for lifestyle businesses 
- Traditional marketplace lenders focus on brick and mortar retailers

Turns out the search process can be a massive distraction. If the net result is no funding, it could be lethal to the business.

So we built Dinote, a platform where digital entrepreneurs can integrate and connect to optimal funding options without giving up equity.


Bobby Gilbert / CEO

Before founding Dinote, Bobby began his entrepreneurial career focused on software, internet services, and mobile technologies Roles including strategy, analytics, partnerships, and development, as co- founder of two consumer-focused startups.
Parker Smathers / Senior Engineer

Leads development of the Dinote platform and associated technologies.
Skills: JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails
Doug Taylor / Fullstack Engineer

Doug is a full-stack javascript developer based in Bend OR. His skills include React, Node, Express, Mongo, and HTML/CSS. He’s passionate about solving problems, and has a background that includes eCommerce, marketing, analytics, and web design.
John Graves / Business Dev.

Lead analyst at the firm’s inception. Responsible for business development and research.
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